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Episode 1: All About Audio

Marc Brasset, Director of Digital Operations & Strategy at Western Media Group shares his incredible depth of knowledge in the digital audio advertising space. Hearing Marc describe the possibilities and future of audio will make it impossible not to listen!

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Episode 2: Diving into Data & Blockchain

Joni Joyner, Business Futures Consultant with Telus and veteran in ad exchange development discusses the importance of understanding the value of first party data. Our conversation takes us from the basics of data management to the future and touches on Joni's keen interest in the rapid development in block chain.
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Episode 3: Unblocking the Blockchain

Alanna Gombert, Global CRO, MetaX

Alanna's commitment to driving transparancy in the digital media supply chain is unstoppable. From her notable role in developing Ads.txt in her role at the IAB Tech Lab, Alanna has jumped fully into cryptocurrency as Global CRO of MetaX a start up focused on "unblocking blockchain for digital advertising"  and when you hear her discussing what this means for the industry, you'll understand why.
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