Search is a significant advertising channel in its own right and the key to a truly integrated marketing mix. If you are eager to learn about what is happening in Search this year, then look no further. The Search Trends seminar will showcase the latest insights, and innovations within search.

This seminar is free for all IAB Canada members to attend either in-person or remotely. In-person space is limited so register today to claim your seat!

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Date and Location

TorontoOct 3, 20192:00 pm – 4:00 pmEnglishIAB Canada111 Peter Street, Suite 406B


Introduction and Welcome

Kelly Sanderson, IAB Canada

Search Committee Updates

The IAB Canada Search Committee Co-Chairs will kick off the seminar with a quick overview what’s being discussed and worked on in the IAB Canada Search Committee. If you are an IAB Canada member and are interested in joining the committee please send us an email.

Sam Leung, The Aber Group, Search Committee Co-Chair
Samantha Vandermark, Amazon, Search Committee Co-Chair

Audiences for Search

Smart search marketers today are moving beyond identifying prospect by search terms alone. With audience targeting you can unlock new ways to increase ROI by focusing on the highest value people, all while delivering more impactful messaging and landing page experiences. In this session you’ll learn how to use audiences to maximize your return on search.

Vicki Carayannakis, Search Engine People

Is SEO Dead?

Although SEO may not be dead, it certainly is changing. In this session we will talk about the current state of SEO; which traditional SEO tactics are dead, which ones are growing in importance, recent algorithm changes and more!

Sergey Alakov, Group M

Visual Search and Future of Retail

You’ll know it when you see it: The future of e-commerce is visual – In an era of one-tap checkout and same-day delivery, how can marketers inspire consumers and bring the magic back to the online shopping experience? This session will outline how marketers can leverage visual discovery to drive the earliest stages of consumers’ decision-making processes and lead them from inspiration to action. Let your products do the talking.

Martin Svensson, Pinterest

Smarter Search powered by Automation

Consumers searching today are more curious and impatient than ever. We’re seeing more searches related to instant gratification, including phrases such as “same-day” or “near me,” and searches on mobile continue to grow.

When consumers search, a lot of contextual signals get passed along which makes each search unique. Manually optimizing around these signals can be time-consuming and inefficient. A BCG study showed that 80% of digital marketers’ time is spent on manual tasks such as bidding, while 20% is spent on strategy.

In this session we will focus on how Google’s automation tools can work together to drive performance and help grow your business.

Carmel Doherty, Google

The Future of Search

The future of search as a consumer touchpoint will change dramatically over the coming years. To wrap up the seminar we will look at recent trends in search to extrapolate what the future may hold in 1, 3, 5 and 10 years and how brands can start to adapt their strategies today.

Educational Approach

This seminar is presented by several instructors who are all experts in the Search space and are active members of the IAB Canada Search committee.

Seminar Policies


If you register as an in-person attendee and can no longer attend please let us know ASAP as space is limited.

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