Course Description

The Digital Media Buying and Planning course will deepen your working knowledge of digital buying and planning and will help you determine which areas to focus on in your independent studies. Attendees will come away with an elevated knowledge of digital buying and planning and will better their chance of success when sitting for the exam.

Get prepared to take the Digital Buyer and Planner Certification exam with help from IAB, the authority on the exam.

What You’ll Learn

Throughout the day we will review the entire media buying and planning process from start to finish with group discussions throughout.

  • Collaborating on Campaign Briefs
  • Creating Media Strategies
  • Developing Digital Media Plans
  • Executing Campaigns
  • Managing Campaigns
  • Educating Stakeholders


Eleanor Bothwell, Director, Digital Media Systems at Media Experts

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for digital media buyers, planners, marketers and strategists who are preparing for the Digital Media Buying and Planning exam or who have at least one year digital buying and planning work experience.

This includes media professionals working in media roles related to buying, planning, strategy, and analytics.

Dates and Locations

TorontoMar 1, 201810:00 am – 5:00 pmEnglishIAB Canada2 St. Clair Ave W, Suite 602
TorontoNov 1, 201810:00 am – 5:00 pmEnglishIAB Canada2 St. Clair Ave W, Suite 602

If you wish to take this course remotely, please contact us at



  • Course includes a lunch break where lunch is provided.


1.0 - Collaborating on Campaign Briefs

  1. 1.1: Establish Plan Parameters
  2. 1.2: Develop Media Objectives
  3. 1.3: Establish Buying Guidelines
  4. 1.4: Establish Available Assets
  5. 1.5: Construct Planning Timeline

2.0 - Creating Media Strategies

  1. 2.1: Conducting Campaign Research Activities
  2. 2.2: Defining the Media Mix
  3. 2.3: Collaborate with Creative Agencies
  4. 2.4: Designing the Data and Measurement Plan
  5. 2.5: Develop Strategic Recommendation for Brand

3.0 - Developing Digital Media Plans

  1. 3.1: Manage RFP Process
  2. 3.2: Evaluate and Negotiate Media Proposals
  3. 3.3: Forecast Media Returns
  4. 3.4: Finalize Media Plan

4.0 - Executing Campaigns

  1. 4.1: Negotiate Vendor Terms and Conditions
  2. 4.2: Manage IO Process
  3. 4.3: Kick-Off Campaign
  4. 4.4: Manage Trafficking and Tagging Process
  5. 4.5: Manage Reporting Process

5.0 - Managing Campaigns

  1. 5.1: Analyze and Optimize Creative
  2. 5.2: Troubleshoot Campaign
  3. 5.3: Manage Flowchart Process
  4. 5.4: Managing Digital Media Finances

6.0 - Educating Stakeholders

  1. 6.1: Creating Ad Hoc Reporting
  2. 6.2: Construct Industry POVs

7.0 - About the Exam

  1. 7.1: About Certification
  2. 7.2: What to expect when taking the exam