Workshop Description

The world is connected through stories — and marketers and publishers are using these skills to educate and acquire new customers and audiences. Whether you’re looking to build up your skills or ready to take the next leap in your career, the lessons offered through this IAB course will help you succeed in the fast-growing field of content marketing.

Content is fundamentally different than advertising and this course is designed to empower advertisers, their ad agencies and media publishers to create, amplify and measure their brand content campaigns. Learn the ropes of running a content campaign, from developing strategy, to managing content creation, to promoting it for the world to see. You’ll learn about best practices, important metrics, the technology and the business of branded content.

What You’ll Learn

  • The fundamentals of branded content; including how to create, execute, promote and measure your content
  • The technology and business behind branded content
  • Tactical knowledge, resources and tools to run your own full scale content campaigns


Jerrid Grimm, Co-Founder and CEO of Pressboard
Jay Khandke, Manager, Publisher Partnerships at Pressboard

Who Should Attend?

  • Advertisers; Brand and Marketing Managers, Content Marketers
  • Agencies; Media Planners and Buyers, Account Directors, Managers
  • Publishers; Sales Managers, Sales Reps, especially useful for all staff employed by publisher content studios
  • Recent Graduates of traditional Marketing Degree or Diploma Programs (which may not have included content marketing courses)


  • Great energy, great job, enjoyable, Thank you!  I feel like I learned a lot, everything was super clear & straight forward & was inspiring to boot!  – Roxy Kirshenbaum, Digital Editor, Blue Ant Media
  • Jerrid and Leah are strong, thoughtful and knowledgeable thought leaders and brought in depth research and industry experienced to the workshop.  I would recommend this course to any branded content, media agency, sales team and/or publisher. – Ava Baccari, Executive Editor, Rogers Media Inc.

Dates and Locations

TorontoFeb 26, 201910:00 am – 3:00 pmEnglishIAB Canada Office111 Peter Street, Suite 406B
TorontoOct 8, 201910:00 am – 3:00 pmEnglishIAB Canada Office111 Peter Street, Suite 406B

If you wish to take this course remotely, please contact us at

***DISCLAIMER: Please note, course END TIMES may vary***


  • Course includes a break for the provided lunch.


1.0 - Understanding Branded Content

  1. 1.1: A Brief History of Branded Content
  2. 1.2: Brand Journalism Lessons Inspired by the Best Custom Studios
  3. 1.3: What’s My Brand’s Story?: How to Think Like a Journalist
  4. 1.4: Pop Quiz: Understanding Branded Content

2.0 - The Business of Branded Content

  1. 2.1: The Business of Branded Content
  2. 2.2: How to Stretch Your Sponsored Content Budget
  3. 2.3: Navigating the Rules of Branded Content
  4. 2.4: Expert Interview: Jordan Hyman, NBC Universal
  5. 2.5: Pop Quiz: The Business of Branded Content

3.0 - Working with Publishers

  1. 3.1: What to Look for in a Publisher Placement
  2. 3.2: Deciding Who Should Create Your Content
  3. 3.3: Expert Interview: Michael Hickins, Oracle
  4. 3.4: Pop Quiz: Working with Publishers

4.0 - Finding Story Ideas

    1. 4.1: Finding Stories in Unusual Places
    2. 4.2: Tools to Help You Com Up with Your Next Great Brand Story
    3. 4.3: Turning an Idea into a Brief
    4. 4.4: Pop Quiz Finding Story Ideas


5.0 - Creating Your Content

  1. 5.1: Storytelling Methods (and when to use them)
  2. 5.2: Interview 101: Why and How to Conduct a Great Interview
  3. 5.3: How and When to Include Your Brand in Sponsored Stories
  4. 5.4: Writing for Different Age Demographics
  5. 5.5: Expert Interview: Fara Warner, Formerly of WSJ. Custom Studios
  6. 5.6: Giving Useful Feedback to Creatives
  7. 5.7: Pop Quiz: Creating Your Content

6.0 - Promoting and Measuring Your Content

  1. 6.1: How and Where to Promote Your Content
  2. 6.2: A/B Testing: Real-time changes to Make Stories Work Hard
  3. 6.3: The Most Important Engagement Metrics for Your Brand
  4. 6.4: Targeting: How to Find (and Reach) the Right Audiences
  5. 6.5: Retargeting: Building on the Success of Your Content
  6. 6.6: Pop Quiz: Promoting and Measuring Your Campaign

Educational Approach

This course is presented in-person by the instructor with several activities and discussions incorporated throughout.

Course Policies


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